Photo of a man and woman looking at their destroyed home.

Property losses present themselves in a variety of complexities. Effectively handling those claims requires a licensed and well-trained field staff, timely deployment, utilization of innovative technologies, and a layer of quality assurance to create a seamless claims process.

Our loss adjusting team offers an augmented experience in residential property that helps carriers deliver on promises to their insureds. Our adjusters possess a variety of specialty certifications that enables a custom claims solution that gets the job done correctly. Quality and timely reporting facilitates a positive experience for both the insured and the insurer.

Commercial / Complex Losses

James C. Greene Company works on behalf of insureds, attorneys, and corporate partners within all classes of commercial lines claims and complex losses. Our separate EGA team understands the nuances of guiding both small and large risk managers through complicated processes and offer a custom-fit approach to handling claims and reaching a fair settlement. Their expertise and delicate touch offsets potential hazards posed in handling the most complicated of situations.

Content Inventory Claims

Our content team provides a thorough assessment, valuation, and inventory of damaged contents. Upon request, we can document contents in an area before a CAT ensuring there is no guess-work after the storm hits. Our strategic process planning before the storm saves on both costs and time.

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