The year was 1932, when Earhart became the first female aviator to cross the Atlantic and when Ruth hit his Series ‘called shot’ home run against the Cubs, that James C. Greene Company and for years afterward was little more than James C. Greene Sr., his briefcase and his car. When people saw his shiny, black Ford pulling in the driveway, they recognized the driver. And the driver knew them. Mr. Greene exemplified his business vision with the phrase “not widely, but well” which spoke to his focus on quality service and relationships over territorial breadth. Though Mr. Greene’s old ford has long since retired, a new generation leads the company and carries on Mr. Greene’s legacy.

Illustration of an old time Ford car

We believe each client is a partner, not just a customer.

As we understand the importance of retention which can be underlined with a favorable claims experience. Our process is built around a collaborative approach that engages cutting-edge technology and leverages decades worth of claims experience to ensure we surpass expectations.

We are fully insured for E&O, Workers Comp, GL, Auto Liability, Cyber.